AI-powered Growth Marketing Platform

AI-powered Growth Marketing Platform
Listen. Analyse. Converse.



Take your Growth Marketing to New Heights



Gather real-time data across multiple channels & devices as the most important step towards achieving a 360-degree view of your customer's online & offline activities



Use Analytics to gain insights into your customer's behaviour and attributes; Leverage AI to achieve the ultimate in hyper-personalisation



Build deeply engaging customer experiences with hyper-personalisation done at scale; Gain business critical insights & Increase customer engagement

Automation. Actionable Analytics. AI.


Solve your single biggest challenge of getting one view of your customer’s activities across various channels

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Map your customer’s behaviour and respond in real time for truly effective engagement & ROI

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Adopt Artificial Intelligence for a seamless connect with your consumer, for data-driven, measurable engagement

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Explore your creativity with the infinite possibilities of growth marketing made possible by AI-powered marketing automation & analytics

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11+ Billion

Customer connects monthly

30+ Billion

Events handled monthly

7+ Billion

Emails sent monthly

3+ Billion

SMSes sent monthly

Powering Smart Conversations for 3,000+ Brands Globally


GoAir’s ROI soared to the skies with 8X growth Using Actionable Analytics to Re-engage the Customer

SBI Mutual Fund

SBI Mutual Fund Improved Online Sales by 54% using Cross-channel Marketing Automation

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Cinepolis Successfully Performs Data Enrichment Program using Cross-channel Marketing Automation



Smartech's AI-based email delivery and expert consulting helped PhonePe to increase user engagements by 2X and overall inbox deliverability by 95%. Their expert consultancy and insights helped us improve our design and ad copies for better user experience.

Priya Patankar, PR & Marketing Communications, PhonePe

With deep analysis, data segmentation & send time optimisation, Smartech enabled smooth campaign deployment which boosted our email open rates, increase web-traffic and efficient data tagging. Continuous content consultancy from the team not only improved our IPR & website visits but also increase email open rate by 20% and email ROI by 10%.

Manan Bajoria, Head of Growth Marketing, Lenskart
Jaimit Doshi

Sent Time Optimisation as a ML feature on Smartech has given us an uplift of 20 -25 % in open rates, which led to increased clicks, resulting in increased lead generation. This enabled us to reach out to the customer at the most optimal time for a customer.

Jaimit Doshi, EVP - Kotak Securities

Netcore helped us integrating all of our channels seamlessly, gave us single view of our customers. And with their Actionable insights we improved our customer retention by 30%+ enabled us to deliver seamless experience to our customers.

Rajat Gupta, General Manager - Growth Marketing, Times Internet

Netcore has been critical to our customer retention strategy and we have partnered with them for 4+ years now. Using AI based delivery, Netcore helped us in Primary Inboxing, achieve 60% improvement in Email campaign performance which is 2X of Average industry standards.

Aashish Kumar, Senior Manager, CRM & Growth, Myntra


Deliver Great App Experience & Engage with Your App Users Through Best In-App Messages

With the rising trend of going mobile, having app as a platform has become a must have for B2B as well as B2C products. Nearly 70% of the customers use mobile or app for day to day browsing, updates, transactions, etc.

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4 R's of AI Marketing to Boost Your Web/App Conversions by 5X


Is AI/ML still a “Black Box” when it comes to your marketing efforts?

Listen to this on demand webinar by our Product Architect, Kedar Parikh, to understand the basic principles in AI marketing.

Key Takeaways from the webinar:

  • The 4 R's in AI Marketing
  • How these 4 R's are re-shaping the context of personalisation
  • How a perfect AI toolkit will help you get 5X increase in your Web & App conversions
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