Send hyper-personalised, & timely Push Notifications even to Chinese OEMs

Now boost push notification delivery rates and CTRs by 30%. Maximise reach, track conversions in real-time & increase ROI.



Drive Personalised Engagement at Scale

Send hyper-personalised, relevant, and timely messages to your app users directly on their smartphones when your app is not in use. Nudge users along from onboarding to retention by efficiently automating trigger-based campaigns to specific audiences.

4 Tips to improve Conversions from Push Notifications



Stand Out with Rich Push Notifications

Enhance your vanilla notifications with rich media features such as carousel images, GIFs, audio, video, and emojis! Uplift your CTRs and conversions by adding more depth and engagement value in your notifications, one incredible campaign at a time!

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Boost Delivery Rates with Push Amplification

Overcome device and OS-related limitations to skyrocket your push notification delivery rates by 15-20%! All courtesy Smartech’s latest industry-leading feature – Push Amplification. Higher your delivery rates, higher your user engagement, and conversions!

What is Push Amplification?


Enhance Campaign Success with the Smartech Edge

Leverage a host of campaign enhancement features to maximise your ROI. While A/B Testing helps you hit upon the right creative templates and CTAs, our AI and Machine Learning algorithms suggest high-conversion content and the ideal time to schedule these campaigns!

Anatomy of a Perfect Push Notification

Analyse, Experiment, Learn, & Pivot

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns through data-rich reports and dashboards. Allow our comprehensive analytics suite to slice and dice both historical and real-time user data to derive actionable insights for future campaigns through intelligent segmentation.

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Content Optimisation on Push Notifications: A/B Testing, Split Testing, Control Groups

App Push Notifications is the hero channel for mobile marketers. Make your hero steal the show with Content & Channel optimisation features that allow you to A/B test & Split Test your campaigns. So test out your content, test out the channel’s feasibility, and get a better control over your mobile marketing campaigns.

Conversion Tracking on APNs

The conversion tracker now tracks the conversions coming from APNs, thereby helping you to enrich your understanding of the user’s transactional behaviour – in real time - through the various stages of their customer journey. With ROI on your mind, this makes the mobile marketer’s job easier.