Browser Push Notifications

Engage with your registered and anonymous website visitors in real-time to welcome, on-board, update, educate, promote offers, and encourage conversions with relevant messages!

Re-engage Visitors with Personalised Content

Reach your website visitors even when they are not active on your website. Send personalised, timely, contextual, and clickable notifications that can be viewed across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How to re-engage visitors with BPNs


Retarget your Anonymous Users

Retarget - anonymous visitors that visited your website with confidence and ease. Use highly relevant, conversion-driving messages that create a sense of urgency, to bring them back to your site!

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Improve CTRs through Rich Elements

Craft visually appealing and attractive notifications using relevant images, logos, icons, multiple CTAs, and emojis! Rich notifications are guaranteed to drive up your CTRs by almost 50%! No kidding!

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Optimise Conversions with the Smartech Edge

Improve the chances of your audiences viewing these notifications by leveraging exclusive features such as Customisable Time to Live, and Users’ Time Zone-based Scheduling. Reach the right audiences at just the right time.

BPNs: Industry Adoption and Trends

Measure Impact to chart Campaign Success

Track the performance of your notifications by adding UTM parameters to each of your messages. Attribute incoming traffic to your notifications and use  data-rich reports to unearth hidden trends and predictions!

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