WhatsApp Notifications

Personalised Customer Engagement at Scale, Reimagined!

Deliver transactional messages and critical updates on the world’s leading instant messaging app!

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Embrace the Power of WhatsApp through Smartech


Manage User Preferences, End-to-End

Smartech’s in-built preference management solution helps you comply with WhatsApp’s strict opt-in/opt-out policies. Now deliver differentiated experiences through WhatsApp to only those customers who have chosen to receive communication through this channel

Drive Rich Personalised Conversations

Send personalised messages based on your users’ demographic, geographic, and past behavioural data points. Enrich these messages with elements such as images, GIFs, videos, audio, PDF files, and QR codes to drive greater customer engagement via customer journeys


Choose from Multiple Templates

Craft transactional messages and other recurring campaigns for WhatsApp on Smartech using a library of templates. This ensures that your content remains personalised to individual customers as well as brand-consistent, without wasting precious time

Optimise Your Customer Journeys

Now orchestrate customer journeys to deliver contextual messages on WhatsApp using intelligent routing logic. For instance, you can trigger an SMS in case of non-delivery of a WhatsApp message or send a multi-channel campaign in the case of urgent communication


Adopt a Data-Driven Approach

Smartech’s seamless, data-rich dashboards allow you to gain real-time insights into the WhatsApp messages delivered and read across various customer journeys. Measure the effectiveness of your messages, experiment, and pivot to elevate customer engagement rates!

Leverage WhatsApp to Address Diverse Use Cases

Converse with your users seamlessly on the channel of their choice, in real time!


Send a web check-in confirmation or boarding pass details to deliver a seamless pre-travel customer experience!


Food Delivery

Keep customers updated instantly when their order is confirmed and is on its way from the restaurant!


Use past browsing or purchase data to send timely alerts to customers when prices drop/rise or when items are back in stock



Simplify your customers’ lives by sharing movie ticket confirmations, instantly on booking!

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