Customer Journey Orchestration

Deliver Value at Every Single Digital Touchpoint

Orchestrate multi-channel customer journeys
to acquire, engage, and retain consumers.
Adapt your customers’ journey as it evolves in
real time. Create agile workflows to send the
right content at just the right time.



Hit Bullseye with your Customer Targeting Strategy

Select from a variety of time-space triggers to target the right customers, with the right messages.
Map customer responses on a real-time basis to decide the next best action towards nurturing these leads into conversion.

Hyper-Personalise Customer Experiences

Adapt to the smallest changes in behavioural
patterns and instantly segment customers along the
most relevant journey to expedite conversion using a
hyper-personalised engagement approach.


Transactional Data gets more granular

Smartech now features array in payload, which enables it to capture more granular data on the user’s transactions – It now helps the engine to make more relevant recommendations, thereby increasing your power to personalise your content.