Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Staying ahead of your competition requires you to engage with your customers right in the moment. With Smartech’s Multi-Channel Marketing Automation you can now:

Consolidate Customer Communication on a Single Platform

Craft and deliver marketing campaigns across Email, SMS, Voice, Push Notification, In-App, and Web Messages, and Custom Audience. Optimise your campaigns to better engage your customers throughout their lifecycle.


Embrace a Customer-Centric Approach

Build strong customer connects by letting them dictate their terms of engagement. Orchestrate your marketing campaigns as per your customers’ channel and device preferences to engage and retain them throughout their lifecycle.

Make Automation the Pillar of your Marketing Machinery

Focus on strategy, while Smartech automates and personalises your communication across channels and devices, based on analysed
behavioural data and trends. Sit back and allow AI to do the work!


Identify New Profitable Segments

Create finer and more accurate customer segments with the help of in-depth behavioural analysis and automation. Achieve higher marketing efficiency with each dynamic multi-channel engagement campaign that you run.

Your New & Improved Smartech Panel

This feature helps you get more out of Smartech as your AI-powered cross-channel marketing automation platform: Smartech can now ‘auto-discover’ events, for which intervention was required earlier.