Single-Step Actionable Analytics

Now leverage deep-dive analytical insights at every step of your digital customers’ journey. With a single click, you can now retarget your dropped-off customers at various stages of the conversion funnel. The outcome? Watch your conversion rates skyrocket! Smartech’s Single-Step Actionable Analytics help you achieve blistering growth using:

Actionable Funnels

Accurately track exactly how your customers navigate across your website or mobile app. Pinpoint precisely where they drop off and immediately target these customer segments with relevant messages. Arrest churn and drive higher engagement, easily.



Compare groups of customers exhibiting similar experiences and/or events. Map your customers’ behaviour and analyse how each cohort stays engaged over time, right from the time of signing-up/joining date. Use insights to tweak features or run targeted marketing campaigns to increase engagement or retention.

RFM Analysis

Segregate customers by examining how recently they have made a purchase (Recency), how often they purchase (Frequency), and how much they spend (Monetary value). Identify active and profitable
customers and run effective campaigns to target each segment with customised multi-channel campaigns.