Global Pharma Giant Increases Customer Engagement, Generates 4x Leads through Multi-Channel Targeting

Key Results


Engagement happened over SMSes, sent to over 2,000 missed call received.


Increase in conversation rate through multi-channel retargeting. Retargeting at the right frequency influenced response and created brand recall.


Open rates were achieved on the additional feedback email sent, which opened the doors for lasting customer relationships.


Increase in leads, generated through the process of marketing automation.


Many pharma companies don’t have a strategy in place to interact with physicians, as engaging physicians is fairly complex. The main objective behind the campaign was to effectively engage the event attendees (Physicians) with  ‘Know Pain’ dental program. They wanted to use technology to build deeper collaborations with physicians with a focus on patients’ needs.

Smartech’s Strategy

  • To combine traditional channels with digital and adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy for information dissemination.
  • To use the power of missed call & integrated 3 other channels viz. email, OBD,& sms to elicit attendees’ interest and engage them with the client brand.
  • The multi-channel automation workflow designed by our marketing technologists, exclusively for the 3-day event.

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