5 Killer Push Notification Campaigns that Boost User Retention

All mobile app marketers will agree to one particular metric being their North Star for the success of their app: User retention. App downloads are still easy to achieve; it is retaining those users that requires Herculean effort, especially in these increasingly cluttered app markets. 

In this scenario, make mobile push notifications an integral part of your multi-channel mobile marketing machinery, to drive hyper-personalised engagement in real time. By understanding your users' in-app behaviour, browsing habits, purchase trends, and usage frequency, you can create smart AI-powered mobile push notification campaigns that build long-term loyalty and retention.

Whether yours is a travel, e-commerce, food delivery, media OTT, or banking & financial services app, in this webinar by our Sr. Growth Marketer & product Evangelist, Pradyut Hande, you will find out about certain important mobile push notification campaigns that guarantee a deeper connect with your users. Pradyut will also reveal the secret mantra of improving your push notification delivery rates across devices (Hint: It’s a feature you don’t want to miss!).

Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • An introduction to the App User Lifecycle and the role of User Retention
  • The basics of creating retention-driving mobile push notifications along with exceptional mobile push campaigns relevant across diverse industries
  • The one gamechanging feature that can give your mobile marketing strategy a massive edge
  • The significance of a multichannel marketing approach to maximise retention

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