[Product Webinar] 5 Smartech Modules to help you Growth Hack your Success for 2019

2018 has been the year of AI. As more and more brands wake up to the power of AI-driven marketing automation, we at Netcore are empowering the modern marketer to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with ‘Raman’, Netcore Smartech’s very own futuristic technology engine.

In this last quarter of 2018, we have rolled out five exciting new features on Smartech - your AI-powered growth marketing platform of choice. From running A/B tests to split tests to control group tests, to using conversion tracking, and to optimising your system’s efficiency and data, you will find that with Smartech, your work as a modern marketer is now even more effortless.

See all these features in action! 

Our Sales Evangelist & Product Specialist Mudit Shukla will give you a hands-on feel of using these new features of Smartech in this on-demand webinar..

Key Takeaways from this Webinar

  • How Behavioural Analytics Module adds Science to your Customer Engagement
  • How can Smartech Web & App Engagement Module improve conversions
  • Cross-channel Journey Orchestration to improve Customer Experience
  • Experimentation Module to accelerate your growth with guided decisions

  • How Machine Learning Module to help you achieve 4 R's of Personalisation

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