In-App Messages

Connect with users active within the app with messages that boost user engagement and user retention by almost 75%!

Engage with App Users in Real-Time

Smartech captures all app activity data, empowering you to craft user behaviour-based messages that you can deliver right in the mobile moment to increase time spent in-app, encourage transactions, or draw attention to new app features, among other things.

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Hyper-personalise in In-App Experience

Leverage the power of user activity (and inactivity) data to personalise in-app messages based on your users’ attributes, preferences, and actions (historical and real-time). Contextualise your content to add another dimension to users’ in-app experience.

Best use cases for In-App Messages

Wow your Users with Rich Elements

Apart from contextual and personalised content, Smartech allows you to create visually rich messages that use images, GIFs, videos, emojis, and multiple CTAs. Experiment with multiple variants using A/B Testing to  identify optimised campaign designs!

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Send Triggered Messages and Broadcasts

Create an intuitive app experience through automated campaigns. Define precise times and events as triggers to send out campaigns exactly when you want! The more relevant your triggered campaigns, higher the chances  of conversions.

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Measure Campaign Impact and ROI

You name the metric, and Smartech measures it! Analyse the performance of each campaign and evaluate ROI easily. Detailed reports allow you to identify what works best, and the power of AI and Machine Learning helps you optimise campaigns based on user behaviour.

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Easily Run Control Groups to Test out Feasibility

You can now test out the feasibility of In-app messages as a channel before you launch full-fledged campaigns, by running control group tests. This new feature saves you time and allows you to see how the channel impacts your revenue. Ultimately, it gives you more control over your mobile marketing strategy.