Artificial Intelligence Marketing

AI-driven growth marketing helps to increase customer engagement by over 20% on an average. AI allows you to glean real-time data-driven insights, to help you decide the right channel mix, crucial for measurable ROI. Smartech’s AI-Powered Hyper-Personalisation at Scale delivers exceptional results using:

Send-Time Optimisation

Identify the best time to send your communication through any channel, based on a detailed analysis of historical responses. Also monitor real-time responses to record and update any change in
customer behaviour.


Subject Line/Notification Title Optimisation

Hyper-personalise your email subject lines or browser push notification titles, based on the customer’s historical data on open and click rates. With optimised titles/subject lines, your campaigns stand a much better chance of conversion success.

Campaign Content Optimisation

Your customers’ transactional history and browsing patterns are uniquely correlated to their individual conversion journeys.
AI can help you understand both by analysing data in real time so that you know what content is most likely to strike a chord with individual customers.


Smart Segments

Create highly advanced and meaningful customer segments based on your customers’ personas and behaviour across all channels. Use data to ensure every message you send is hyper-personalised and therefore, extremely relevant.