GoAir’s ROI soared to the skies with 8X growth Using Actionable Analytics to Re-engage the Customer

Key Results


clicks on targeted promotions with 10% conversions


users allowed BPNs
from mobile


increase in overall
website traffic


increase in
Return on Investment


  • Conversion rate
    GoAir has a flight-booking platform and it noticed an increase in the dropout rate in the customer journey of website visitors

  • Poor customer experience
    They were using broadcast emails which had a generic link redirecting the user to the site’s homepage, requiring the user to fill all the details of his ‘search’ all over again

  • Scattered customer data
    The data collected thus far was not in a consumable form

Netcore’s Strategy

To get Unified View of the consumer: The campaign decided to integrate its website data, channel data, and CRM data.
Customer journey: Analysis of data showed that many users were dropping out at stage 2  of the funnel i.e. after viewing the flight search results page, and stage 3 i.e. after entering passenger details.

An automation workflow was designed thus:

  • Engaging with Stage 2 Drop-outs: The user in this stage is anonymous – it was decided to engage them with Browser Push Notifications (BPN) and Web Messages.
  • Retargeting Stage 3 Drop-outs: The user in this stage has filled in the contact details and therefore, after a wait time of 20 minutes, a reminder email and BPN were automatically triggered
The Attribution Dashboard of the marketing automation & analytics platform helped understand the exact effectiveness of each of these journeys across different channels.

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